Lille (Normandy)

Nord Pas de Calais 59

Delivery date : Fourth trimester 2013          Type : Apartment


With more than 226,000 inhabitants, Lille, in conjunction with the associated towns, Hellemmes and Lomme, constitutes the largest city in the North of France. At the heart of an agglomeration of 85 municipalities, Lille, with its French and Belgian neighbours, is part of a cross-border metropolis of 1.9 million inhabitants in the centre of a Euro-Region.  This privileged geographic position, enhanced by a high-quality transport network, makes Lille a veritable gateway to Europe. 1 hour from Paris, 35 minutes from Brussels, 55 minutes from Paris Airport and 1h20 from London. 

People from across Europe are attracted to Lille, with its quality of lifestyle, economic dynamism, cultural vitality and festive energy.  Increasing numbers of tourists are coming to discover Lille and are contributing to the reputation of the city.

A prime location address between Préfecture and Palais des Beaux-Arts. 

Included in the inventory of historical monuments, the Hôtel des Postes is located on the Place de la République, this symbolic site of the Second Empire is at the heart of a dedicated arts and history (Palais des Fine Arts Rihour Palace, Palais Rameau ...).Close to all transport links, the building is also near all amenities and shopping streets of the city center.

A complete renovation, combining old and new

The Hôtel des Postes  will be entirely renovated . The renovation of the front facade  will be closely monitored by  the architect of "Bâtiments de France" . On the other hand, the rear facade will after demolition, be rebuilt as a complete new building incorporating terraces facing south, allowing that part of the building to obtain the certificate of reduced energy consumption.  A selection of 1 to 5 bed apartments with a view on to the place de la République or inside courtyard. Parking and Cellar.

Investment facts

  • Property price (average & overall surface area) without parking is 5 615€/m2
  • Bare property price (average & overall surface area)without parking is 3 200€/m2
  • Purchase price bare property: 57% of its value
  • Term of lease: 17 years
  • Notary fees: reduced and calculated on the bare property price


By Plane:  International Lille Airport (11km) 

By Train : Lille Train Station  linking to Brussels, Paris, London and Luxembourg 

By Car: Motorway A1 to Paris , A27 to Belgium, A23 to Luxembourg and A22 to Holland 

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