Nancy (East)

Meurthe-et-Moselle 54

Delivery date : Third trimester 2013          Type : Apartment


 A dynamic city only 1H30 away from Paris by TGV ! 

Now linked to Paris by TGV East, Nancy is a vibrant city. From 2015, a new map of Europe is taking shape with the rail project "Magistrale" linking high-speed Paris to Munich, Salzburg and Vienna, through the station Lorraine 30 km away from Nancy.

 City of art, Nancy is proud of its past and its radiant culture through the influence of Art Nouveau. Nancy is also known for its economic dynamism , due particularly  to its geographical closeness to other European countries such as Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany. The town of 330,000 inhabitants plays a leading role in the activity of the Lorraine region with more than 23,000 businesses and a employment market highly developed. The city also welcomes a large number of students who contribute to the image of a youthful and radiant.

At 600 m from Place Stanislas, recognized by UNESCO on World Heritage List of Humanity, the  residence borders the old city and the Cathedral Quarter. In a prime location close to the shopping streets Saint Catherine and Saint Georges and bordered by the canal, the residence is easy accessed via the Tramway 50m away. 

53 apartments from studios to  4 bed, which are spread over three buildings from the first floor, with underground parking. Most face east or west with views onto the interior  landscaped gardens or onto the botanical garden Dominique Alexandre Godron located rue de l'Ile de Corse.

Investment facts

  • Property price (average & overall surface area) without parking i 3 427€/m2
  • Bare property price (average & overall surface area)without parking is 2 056€/m2
  • Purchase price bare property: 60% of its value
  • Term of lease: 15 years
  • Notary fees: reduced and calculated on the bare property price


  • Metz -Nancy- Lorraine Airport: 5km
  • TGV train Station:1.5km
  • Tramway: 50m 
  • Motorway A31 (to Paris, Lyon or Luxembourg) 
  • Motorway A33 (to Strasbourg, Germany)
  • Motorway A330 (to Switzerland) 

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