Garenne-Colombes (Paris area)

Hauts-de-Seine 92

Delivery date : Second trimester 2012          Type : Apartment


Situated in the West of Paris, close to Neuilly and Levallois, Garenne-Colombes is a reasonably sized town of 27000 inhabitants, with La Defense and Courbevoie close by . Since 2000, part of the commune was attached to the  Etablissement Public d’Amenagement  - the planning  department in charge of developing local infrastructures, transport and public spaces.

From 2012 onwards, the T2 tramway line, whose last stop is currently La Defence, will be extended to La Garenne-Colombe.Being part of a highly dynamic region, the town has evolved dramatically over the last 20 years or so, all the while retaining the charm so typical of a small town. Old industrial sites have now been replaced by new construction, tree lined streets as well as parks. This  succesfull development, added to the closeness to Paris and La Defence, make la Garenne-Colombe a very sought-after area.

Good quality construction and classical style architecture – this is the best way to describe the 5 buildings that make up the Parc Mederic, all built in 1989. 2, seven-storey buildings, overlooking Charles de Gaulle avenue to the East, and the park to the West. 3, three to four-storey buildings , situated at the centre of the development, accessible through Mederic street. The gardens, cellars and underground car parks are all in line with the quality standards of the buildings. The building façades were renovated in 2005 and the lifts were upgraded to the new 2007 norms. Some additional work  is planned for 2012 : renovation of the entrance halls and  landings, as well as landscaping of the garden. Parc Mederic is centrally located. However, its surroundings, made of town houses and gardens, provide a quiet environment, which makes it an ideal location. 


Investment facts

  • Property price (average & overall surface area) without parking is 5 858€/m2
  • Bare property price (average & overall surface area)without parking is 3 515€/m2
  • Purchase price bare property: 60% of its value
  • Term of lease: 15 years
  • Notary fees: 6 to 8% on the price of the bare ownership property 
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