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Stone & Living is a real estate agency specialised in selling high-end properties in Paris, Lyon, French Alps and the French Riviera. To respond to a demand from our foreign investors, we have searched for a French investment property deal that combines: quality, investment value, prime location, minimum risk, no charges and no tax to pay.  Investing in a bare ownership property is our solution.

Bareownership.com is our dedicated website for our selection of the best investment deals in French bare ownership properties. Stone & Living offers you support at every stage of the purchase, assists you in drawing up mortgage applications with our financial partners.



Catherine BERNARD

Catherine Bernard, director of Stone & Living, has been involved in the property business for over 15 years. She has a perfect knowledge of the property market and its opportunities.  Over the years, she has developed a network allowing her to source and bring investment opportunities to international clients.

“Purchasing a property as bare ownership has been part of private assets management strategy in France for a long time.  We are now giving foreign investors the chance to invest with the same advantages “.

Stone & Living holds a professional real estate agent card (CPI 69012017000018390) authorising us to carry out property transactions, a financial guarantee and professional civil liability insurance.